Best antivirus for Iphone in 2016


Antivirus is extremely important for the health of the phone. A phone without antivirus is vulnerable to malware attacks and frequent crashes and malfunctioning.

An antivirus protects your phone and prevents it from being attacked by malware. They can be classified into two categories. Free, and paid. Listed below are some of the best antivirus applications for the IPhone.

Lookout Mobile Security
With this app, you can:-

  • Save the last location of your device, and locate it when it is lost.
  • Back up all contacts.
  • Update your IOS version, when you get a reminder.
  • Get email and wifi protection when your phone is connected to an unidentified wifi network.

Norton Security

A household name in antivirus software, Norton is one of the best present on the App Store. It protects your phone from malware, and also sets off an alarm whenever someone might try to steal your phone.

McAfee Threat Intelligence, Mobile

In 2014, this was the top antivirus program for the I Phone. It informs the user regarding the latest malware and security bugs for their device.

Virus Barrier


Also available for Mac, this provides protection from almost any kind of threat, and prevents your device from accepting files that are corrupted. This is yours for as little as $1.