Best Free Forum Platforms


Forum platform is a software that let you create a discussion board on your site. If you want to save money on the monthly fee, you can use the free forum platform. Not all the free forums on the web are good so you need to do research to determine the best one to use on your site. The following is a list of five best free forum platforms.

1. phpBB
phpBB is one of the most widely used free forum platforms on the internet. It allows you to integrate a variety of mods such as voting polls, profile additions and etc. You can customize the appearance of the phpBB with your own theme. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from. PhpBB lets you use CAPTCHA code to prevent spamming. You can enable private messaging to encourage interactions between the users on your forum.

2. Simple Machines Forum
Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free solution for people who are interested in installing a cheap forum. It has an easy to use interface although it does not have as many features as other popular forum platforms. If you want to customize the look, you will need to have knowledge in CSS programming. It has a basic messaging system that enables members to interact with one another. It supports many basic features such as profile fields, calendars and etc. Various types of maintenance can be carried out on the system including database backup,

3. MyBB
MyBB has evolved into a popular forum platform over the years. It features a user friendly admin panel. You can use the theme system to customize the theme of the forum. The template editor can be used to edit the code of the forum. There are hundreds of plugins you can use to add more functions onto the forum. MyBB Merge System lets you easily transfer your forum from other platforms to their forum platform. With MyBB Merge System, you can merge multiple forums and transfer them. MyBB is also available in foreign languages such as Vietnamese, Hindi, and French. Since it is an open source forum, you don’t have to pay any fee to use it.

4. YaBB
YaBB is a reliable and simple open source forum launched in 2000. The forum platform is written in PERL. Although it isn’t easy to install it, it offers a comprehensive features. YaBB is suitable for people who have skills in making configurations in Apache and PERL. YaBB offers features such as spam eliminators, security, auto banning and etc. The data is stored in plain text database so there is no need for you to set up a MySQL database. It is easy to backup your posts on the YaBB forum.

5. MiniBB
MiniBB is an open source PHP message board that is packed with features. It has all the important features that every forum has. You can install any amount of add-ons onto the forum. You can customize all aspects of the forum including color, font size, and tables. It only takes a few minutes to install the forum. It supports over 40 language packs. You can edit the language of the interface manually.