Get in Google’s Page One


Every webmaster wants to know how to rank on the number one position on Google. Ranking on the top positions in Google will drive a lot of organic traffic that have high ROI to your site. The following are some tips on how to get in Google’s page one.

1. Optimize Your Site With Relevant Keyword
To rank on top of the search engine, you must know how to optimize the keywords on your site including the page title, content, and URL. You should include keywords that people will be searching on the search engine. Usually, this will be mid to long tail keywords that only have a few competition. If the keyword is short, you may not rank for it due to heavy competition. The keyword you use must be specific and relevant to your products. For example, instead of using the keyword, t-shirt and you can use a more specific keyword such as angry bird t-shirt. When creating a title for your page, make sure to keep it short so that the URL will not be long. The keyword in the URL should appear in the correct order as the user would search in the search engine.

2. Get Quality Backlinks
Your site must have quality backlinks. Link building plays an important role regardless of the Pagerank of your site. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher you will rank on the search engine. Quality backlinks are relevant links from popular sites. It is best if someone naturally link you. You must build your links slowly overtime, especially if it is a new site. For example, you can build 5 links in the first month, 10 links in the second months and so on. You should focus on building links to the internal pages and homepages. There is a low chance you will be hit with a Penguin penalty for building the link at a fast rate if your link is quality and relevant. If you don’t see an increase in your traffic, it is probably because the links you built are low quality or that you need to improve your content.

3. Make Sure All the Pages on Your Site are Indexed
Before your site can rank, there must be pages from your site that are indexed in the search result. To quickly get your pages indexed, you can submit your sitemap to search engines such as Google, Bing, and etc. Although submitting sitemap won’t guarantee all your pages will be indexed, it will at least help you to get most of your pages indexed.

4. Add Alt Text to the Images
If there are images on your site, make sure you add the alt text. The alt text is a brief description of the image. It helps the search engine to know what is in the picture as it can’t read it. The words you include in the alt text will be treated in the same way as the content on the page.

5. Social Bookmark Your Site
Finally, you must always remember to promote your content by sharing it on your social media account. You can add social buttons to the pages to encourage people to share them with their friends.